Wherever you go, appearances may be different but the life experience remains the same. The person who takes an in-depth journey becomes more and more sedentary. The number of destinations diminishes but the intensity of the experience increases. Within yourself, you possess life at its fullest. Embrace life at every moment and be thankful.

By a found again artist

“Who knows better than you what you must become to stay true to your inner being?”

Jean-Noël Pontbriand

One day, everything came crashing down! Fortunately, moments like this do not happen in one fell swoop! They were planned well in advance, even before I was born. Unbeknownst to me, each action, step, thought, and year of my life prepared me to face this difficult period. Today, I look back with delight, since these storms helped me make the most important discovery of my life—my self.

Over the years, and for all sorts of reasons, I ended up forgetting what moved me, what spoke to me, what dwelled in me. Then, one day, I felt a tremendous sense of unease. I had thought I knew all about myself! But at this moment I no longer recognized myself (in this me) and my mind was tormented by all kinds of questions, though I found no answers. I knew less and less! Completely tired and burned out, I was no longer able to make any progress. A refrain drifted through my thoughts, returning over and over like a cry sent up from my heart to my head: “Let your inner artist express herself.” Who was this artist? What did she want to express? And why had I never heard her before? The maelstrom inside me became so intense that I thought I would never be able to find inner peace, balance, and calm.

Then, one day, I felt a profound sense of well-being. My heart was soothed and no longer cried out. I had made some decisions and was finally listening to it. Today I feel much better, thanks to these life-changing decisions. Although they involved a great deal of self-abnegation, they are in harmony with who I became—I feel joyful now, and I know, listen to, hear, and express myself as an artist, even if it is not always easy. I found renewed serenity right before celebrating my 40th anniversary on this wonderful life path.

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