You are the vehicle that undertakes this voyage. The places to which you are invited will be ever changing. The possibility of pursuing your life experience therefore depends on constantly taking care of yourself. Take a moment with us to examine what fuel nourishes your life.

The Benefits of Stones and Crystals
In the Home
by Johanne Marier

Crystals and precious stones have always been used as decorative elements or sacred stones in holy places. Throughout history, reports about precious stones have been handed down decade after decade, describing their use in sacred rites. Emerald has been associated by Christians with the resurrection, while other religions used jade to sculpt sacred figures in worshipping their gods. Lapis lazuli was highly prized as the stone of power by the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.

To Purify and Protect the Home

Although the study of crystals and precious stones originated in ancient times, their development for use in the modern world is a recent innovation. The quality and size of a crystal or precious stone determines the vibrational frequency at which it acts on its environment. A location in which several minerals have been judiciously placed will have a significant effect on those who visit it.

Wherever we go, electronic devices create electromagnetic pollution that assails us constantly. Electricity and its waves form clouds of pollution, subtly sapping our energy every day without us realizing it. Precious stones and crystals have the power to block these harmful effects. They purify our surroundings and stimulate our spirit, protecting and rebalancing our vibrational frequencies to transform the atmosphere around us in a positive way.

A Precious Stone for Each Room in the House
The rooms of our homes can each derive enormous benefits from the presence of crystals and minerals, which transform them into oases of peace, harmony, and well-being. The vibrational quality of a space is determined by the choice of mineral as well as its form—cluster, ball, egg, sculpture, or other—and its placement.

The entrance to the home is its opening to the outside world and a passageway to the other rooms. A tiger’s eye can enhance it in these functions. The tiger’s eye acts as a mirror to deflect negative energies trying to cross the threshold of your home. Tiger’s eye forms an impenetrable barrier to such undesirable energies. It is golden yellow and brown, adding a note of warmth to your décor.

Your living room should be warm and welcoming. The presence of jade will enhance this. Jade has been considered a lucky gem and is certain to foster harmony and good communication. It is generally green, although it sometimes comes in white, violet, beige-brown, and even black. The possibilities are endless!

Your dining room is the place for charoite, the gem of gourmets and oenophiles. This lavender to purple stone is veined with white, and enhances the purifying function of the liver so you can get more out of a good meal. Your guests will bask in contentment.

And in the bath? Naturally! You spend a certain amount of time there—it’s a special place for getting clean. The stones placed here must promote calm and relaxation. Halite supports purification and relaxation while orange calcite helps the body eliminate mucus. And don’t overlook opal, which relaxes and fosters thought. How many among us do some of our best thinking
in the bathroom—often the only truly private place
in the home?

Now we come to the master bedroom. Amethyst is ideal for this room, because it promotes reparative sleep and helps us decode the symbols of our dreams. It is also an immune system booster. Moonstone is another valuable addition and contributes to conjugal bliss. It calms strife between couples by fostering lovers’ reconciliation.

And what have we here? A teenager’s bedroom! You can’t go wrong with morganite. This member of the beryl family is pink, orange pink, lilac, or pale purple. It is just the thing to get us all through tough periods. It is recognized for attracting joyfulness, encouraging gentle thoughts and actions, soothing violent emotional outbursts, and even clearing up acne. Will it make him want to clean up his room? Who knows?

Lullaby and good night. Here is a room that would well be adorned with celestite. This very beautiful pale blue stone calms boisterous children and radiates a gentle sense of motherly tenderness in mummy’s absence. Even fish playing in a corner aquarium will benefit from the gentle emanations of certain stones, such as rose quartz, which gives off energies of love and harmony.

The use of precious stones and crystals has great power and unfailingly encourages change. Whether we look to them for their decorative qualities or the effects of their energies, the secret is to open up to and respect these noble gifts from the mineral realm.