Here you are, at the end of your journey, or should we say at the beginning? There are no more places, no more time or movement. You no longer observe life through these external manifestations. You feel it deep within yourself. In the stillness and the silence, you feel united within yourself and with the rest of the world. Welcome this fullness and radiate. 

You Are the Son
of the Universe
By Jean Proulx

My Dear Son,
I would like to tell you a wonderful story—the epic of the universe. And if you listen carefully until the end, you’ll discover “a secret” that is of great importance to you.

The Great Cosmic Being
One day—in fact, it was the first day—there was a tremendous explosion that started at an infinitesimal point. This happened nearly fourteen billion years ago. Time, space, and matter were then created, and immeasurable forces appeared. It was, without a doubt, the greatest sound and light show in history. Physicists called it the Big Bang, while believers saw it as the work of a divine Creator. The Cosmos, or Great Cosmic Being, was born.

Within the ocean of energy that mysteriously arose from this great conflagration, tiny particles of matter and light began dancing chaotically and spinning around in all directions. This is because they were full of energy—the energy of the nascent cosmos was contained in them, just as the water from the sea is contained in each of its drops.

When the universe reached the age of four hundred thousand, the tiny particles of light, which physicists call photons, separated from the matter and began moving as completely free waves, producing brilliant colors similar to a majestic sunrise. When astronomers with big lenses look deep into the universe, they see far back in time and, with great amazement, observe this hot primordial light playing freely for the first time.

The momentum transmitted to the particles of matter and light by the initial explosion continued for around one billion years, in preparation for a major event—the birth of galaxies. These great clouds of gas, matter, and light were then scattered to the four corners of the universe, and since this time they have never stopped pursuing their infinite path. Then, along the way, these galactic clouds gave birth to myriads of stars. Upon their death (yes, stars experience birth, life, and death), these first stars launched into deep space what was needed for the birth of new stars, which were very often surrounded by planets.

Mother Earth
Our own star, the Sun, lives on the outskirts of a galaxy named the Milky Way. It is four billion five hundred million years old and currently in its prime—the middle of its life. Our Earth, this very beautiful blue planet, was born at the same time and will die at the same time, since, as you know, the dance of death and rebirth is part of the fundamental laws of the universe.

Today, we say that our home the Earth is like a big living being, and we call it Gaia—our Mother Earth. It is extraordinary that after taking a billion years to give herself a makeover (makeovers can take a long time!), Mother Earth welcomed life. Life on our Earth—how marvelous! It first appeared around three billion five hundred million years ago, in the water of the great oceans. A small cell with an amazing memory, the DNA molecule, had the terrific idea of living on Earth and reproducing there. Billions of offshoots followed the example, and the waters of the sea cradled, and still cradle, this multitude of tiny invisible beings.

Much later, still in the wake of this mysterious creative energy known as evolution, cells came together to form multicelled organisms. One day, when the time was right, some of these organisms left the water to explore and conquer the land, and even the air. They took on every possible form, from the most bizarre to the most fantastic. Together, these forms performed the polyphonic song of life, a song that is always pleasing to our ears.

And very recently—some tens of thousands of years ago—Mother Earth welcomed human beings. You now know that human beings are the fruit of great cosmic patience. It is as if Mother Earth herself had long prayed to give birth to those who would know how to look at everything with new eyes.

The Secret
My son, I think you are beginning to guess the “secret” I would now like to reveal. It can be summed up in this little phrase: “You are a son of the universe.” So learn to listen to the whisper of the cosmos within yourself, because the song springing from a Source deep within you is the song of your Humanity, and it actually goes back to the origin of cosmic space and time.

Your body contains particles of matter and light with a very long memory. Your body is made of stardust. Your soul is a fragment of the Great Being’s soul. Don’t believe those who say you are a stranger in the universe, because since its beginning, the universe has carefully prepared for your arrival.

Never forget that Mother Earth also cradled you. The flowers and the birds are your sisters and brothers. What’s more, you contain them within your being. Saltwater, solar fires, the earth’s minerals, and the gases in the air have also found a home in you, because you are a miniature universe, a microcosm.

You are part of a long relay race. The universe and life have created beauty for you. You must feel that you are a steward who has been entrusted with the future of this world. As such, it is your turn to bear witness and stay the course with your human sisters and brothers, and become, in every little thought and action, an artisan of the world’s beauty. This is your calling and your responsibility as a son of the universe.