Here you are, at the end of your journey, or should we say at the beginning? There are no more places, no more time or movement. You no longer observe life through these external manifestations. You feel it deep within yourself. In the stillness and the silence, you feel united within yourself and with the rest of the world. Welcome this fullness and radiate. 

Pursuing a Dream
with the Head or with the Heart?
By Jocelyne Fortier

A progress report on a project that’s been inside me, possessed me, and inspired me. A lot has changed over these last few weeks.

I’ve been married for 30 years and my two daughters have left the nest. Suddenly there were these rooms open in the house. Everything was ready for me to make a dream I’ve cherished for years become a reality. I’d been nurturing the idea of creating a space just for myself—a cozy, welcoming place made for relaxation and well-being. A haven where I could take time to take care of myself. A place where I could experience freedom, privacy, and plenitude. I’m ready for it.

I decided that this oasis will have a therapeutic bath, a combined therapy system, a shower, and a few accessories. I’ll leave my windows bare to let the daylight in. I’ll look up into the sky, ensconced comfortably in my bath. From the shower, I’ll contemplate nature and my lovely tree outside. Therapy sessions will fill me with a deep sense of relaxation. At nightfall, I’ll enjoy the softer light of dusk. The floor will be pale, with a flowing pattern as if I were walking on clouds. I’ll add a touch of elegance to the shape of my bath. Accessories will be simple, effective—they’ll meet my needs without the slightest hint of artifice. I’m ready to meet my designer to work out the decorator scheme and start my purchases, always looking for that special something that makes me who I am. I’m very excited.

I chose the model of bath I wanted a while ago. I remained, however, strangely unable to take the plunge and order it. Then I was invited to complete a questionnaire on the Insperience Bathroom. The results recommended other choices than the bath I’d selected. I compared the specifications of the three recommended baths and finally understood: I’d been looking at the design, but the questionnaire told me to look at my feelings. So I ordered a bath that puts the emphasis on massage and comfort. I also learned from the questionnaire that the symbolism of objects is very important for me. Now I grasp the importance of feeling my project rather than thinking, and I suddenly realized that I am putting together my space—my refuge. I could go on with my other purchases. I felt much better.

During the process I was told about a stone dealer, a business owner who is perhaps just a bit stiff, cold, and authoritarian. I asked myself, “How does such a man treat his customers, his employees, the community, the environment?” I’ve started following my intuition when I meet people who take the time to listen and guide me—to give advice in a professional way. I choose to deal with sellers who seem to share my values. This makes me feel safe.

I bought a wooden chair handmade by artisans, who invited me to stop and take the time to enjoy all the benefits of the care that my Vedana offers as my in-home care unit. It will let me escape to the sound of my favorite music, sitting comfortably in my chair or the bath. I’ll feel as if I’m floating.

More and more I dream about this cocoon, a place where the soothing scent of essential oils charms my senses. Aromatherapy is one of the five kinds of care my unit offers. The aromas awaken my emotional memory, the smells of my childhood, and the fragrances of my joys.

I feel that this is my space.

This is where I’m at.

It’s up to me to keep on pursuing my dream.