Life is a voyage. It manifests itself in all things, in every place, and in every encounter. Through the experiences and discoveries it proposes, life calls us to expand our horizons and go beyond our comfort zone, in order to explore its infinite possibilities. We invite you to enter life’s universe.


Music Suggestions

Album name: There Will Be Stars
Artist: Élisapie Isaac
Release date: 2008
Label: Pheromone Recordings
Genre: Pop rock
About: There Will Be Stars is a far-seeing look from afar. A breath that mixes joy and sadness in which pop songs and world of folk come together and the poetry of words passes through English, French, and Inuktitut along the way.

Album name: Faces in the Rocks
Artist: Mariee Sioux
Release date: 2008
Label: Grass Roots Records
Genre: Folk, Native American
About: Young singer-guitarist Mariee Sioux is the latest star on the folk pop and Native American music scene. Her influences include Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell. All these songs were written by her, their delicate melodies shaped by folk and pop as well as traditional Native American music.