Each station of life offers you refueling options. These sources of life are multiple and infinite. They nourish the different dimensions of our being. They assist in the energy renewal necessary to accomplish your journey. Discover with us and within yourself these inexhaustible and often forgotten resources.


Music Suggestions

Album name: Obadiah
Artist: Frazey Ford
Release date: 2010
Label: Nettwerk
About: Frazey Ford, acclaimed singer from The Be Good Tanyas, has launched Obadiah, her debut solo album.
Inspired by the vast universe of
Neil Young like Alela Diane (modern)
and by the soulful sounds of Ann Peebles (traditional), this Canadian singer-songwriter has created a little gem.

Album name: Standing in the Rain
Artist: Opensouls
Release date: 2009
Label: The Crate Records & Jakarta Records (Indie)
Overview: Ever since their musical debut in 2002, Opensouls has won over fans with their spirited and contagious energy. Infused with elements of soul and good old rhythm and blues, their unique sound is born from the collaboration of seven talented band members who fuse their personality, style, and musical tastes.