BainUltra, a Canadian company, has spent more than three decades helping customers throughout North America improve their personal health. While we pioneered the development of therapeutic air jet baths, our mission over the years has evolved.
Today we offer an integrated line of products that consumers use to improve relaxation, health, and well-being right in their own homes. At BainUltra, it is our hope that the world might embrace a new art of living in which we slow down, listen to what is within, and enjoy more harmonious and enduring relationships with one another.
This magazine is one of the many tools that we have designed to help make us all more attuned to the life that is within, around, and among us. By choosing to read it, you are making a difference—and we thank you for this.

By Andrée Trempe

We invite y
ou to take a break, to relax, to take a moment for joy and harmony. We’re recommending a time to reflect, peacefully, authentically, through the five stations that map out this issue. Take your time to explore it as the mood strikes you, to flip through at your own pace, to dive deep or to skim the surface. Like a falcon soaring high in the sky, you can zoom in on what gives your life meaning.

We invite you to rediscover your bliss, the thing that has kept you going, for so long. The thing that puts the fire in your eyes. What are those special moments that energize you, that put the spring in your step, that fire you up? How would you describe the thing that brings you peace, that relaxes you, that makes you feel better? Do you have dreams deep inside you that awaken you in the dark of night? And what about those special moments that you’d like to relive with your family, your gifts for expression struggling to surface, the creative fire that hungers to write, to paint, to build?

You say you don’t have time to read? In other words, you don’t have enough time for yourself? Take that time with us and look at yourself at this stage of your life. Would you like to make room every day for your own unique essence and the feelings that define it? We’re here, humbly, beside you, asking only to think together and share our thirst for personal and universal fulfillment.

We want to give you a break, a cease-fire in this life that too often tends to be rigid and frenetic. A chance to slow down, catch your breath, to give yourself the time you need for relaxation, health, and well-being.
We invite you to visit other continents, both through the power of African and Chilean rhythms and through the magnificent landscapes of our planet Earth. From Argentina to the Himalayas, from the microcosm to the universal macrocosm—through dance, music, movies, travel diaries, philosophy, and poetry, all your senses will be called on to honor the development of human potential in its fullness.

Within and around you, you can experience this most fantastic of voyages, the trip from your heart to your mind, from intuition to intention, from dream to reality. With us, there is one destination:
the quest to be.

Grant us the privilege of walking beside you. Thank you.