Christine Angelard
Christine holds a doctorate in medicine from the University of Toulouse, France together with postgraduate diplomas in homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine. She has worked as a general practitioner in France for 16 years. Now established in Montreal, she leads conferences on health themes, gives workshops on overal health and she also consults in naturotherapy. Christine is the author of La médecine soigne, l’amour guérit, published by Éditions Fides.

Sylvie Bérubé
Sylvie Bérubé is the author of Dans le ventre d’Ève : à la découverte du féminin en soi (foreword by Marie Lise Labonté, published by Christian Feuillette) and the creator of the card game Les Pouvoirs d’Ève. Her book invites us to reflect on what it means “to be or not to be feminine” and on the importance of freeing oneself to experience one’s femininity. She shows women and men how to recognize their feminine power, their “sacred Femininity,” and to dance between their feminine and masculine polarities.

Pierre Boogaerts
Pierre Boogaerts is director of Centre Pierre Boogaerts in Estrie, a training center for teachers of the Art of Chi in Quebec. He is in charge of École de la Voie Intérieure – Québec. Vlady Stévanovitch has acknowledged him as a Master of Tai Ji Chuan and Chi.

Héva-Anne Brunelle
Above all else Héva-Anne likes to see, touch, feel, taste, and breathe in everything around her. Inspired by a sense of cultural discovery and adventure, she finds her joie de vivre in nature! Laughing is her favorite pastime. She graduated from the University of Gastronomic Sciences.

Christian Collignon
Christian Collignon/Architect DESA
(graduate of École Spéciale d’Architecture
de Paris) LEED Certified Professional / Group Therapist, graduate of Centre de relation d’aide de Montréal

Marie Claude Dumont
As a young girl Marie-Claude loved to play and invent. Like many other girls, she grew up too quickly, but she always held on to her childhood heart. Today she is happy to share her life with her two magnificent boys, who remind her how important it is to live in the present moment.

Élaine Drolet
Without a pedigree to show or a specific role to play, I am Élaine. I define myself in relationship to others, like a mirror, an experience. Every day presents me with the opportunity to discover who I am. My senses reveal life to me in all its beauty and depth. My heart beats to the rhythm of sensitive encounters, the laughter of children, and life’s everyday pleasures. I am without age, gender, or nationality. I live in the universe or rather the universe lives in me. I am as indistinct as I am vast, as  abundant as I am empty, as limited as I am infinite. It’s wonderful. I breathe, I feel, I live, like you do...

Jocelyne Fortier

Jocelyne is a good listener who cares about
her family and friends. She connects easily
with people and possesses the qualities of a
good mediator. She is curious, passionate,
and contemplative, and likes to brighten up
the world around her. She recently had the
joy of adding a new role to her life’s repertoire:
she became a grandmother!

Yannick Maheux
Yannick is an outdoor enthusiast who is always looking to go a little higher and a little further. An amateur mountain climber, he loves to push his limits and discover the world’s beauty. He feels that each trip is a new opportunity to share. His work on sustainability at BainUltra is in keeping with what inspires him.

Johanne Marier
Lithotherapist, instructor, writer, speaker Johanne Marier was trained at Montreal’s Medicine Buddha Mandala Institute of Applied Alternative Therapies and continues to expand and refine her knowledge in the field. Johanne speaks on the benefits of having stones in the home and wearing jewelry. She has coauthored two works: a lithotherapy manual and a book on a psychological approach to the influence of stones. She writes for the magazine La Pierre chantante. Currently she is working on a book on the benefits of stones in the home.

Maira Martinez

Maira is a certified facilitator and teacher of Biodanza, a discipline that unites her great passions: expression, creativity, personal development, music, and dance. She facilitates two weekly Biodanza groups in Montreal and leads day programs and themed workshops in Quebec City, Ottawa, and Europe. She is a member of the educational council of École de Biodanza de Montréal, where she teaches basic theory and methodologies to future facilitators and monitors and supervises interns.

Jacques Morin
Jacques Morin is a “well-being” enthusiast. As a business speaker and trainer, he has shared resilience-building ideas and tools for many years. Drawing on his personal journeys to Santiago (2002, 2004, and 2005) and travels to monasteries in Europe and the western U.S., he has tested and developed proven methods with the support of experts in the field. His goal is to find balance at the source, with the goal of understanding and preventing burnout.

Renaud Philippe
Renaud Philippe is 26 year old French-born photojournalist residing in Quebec City. His fascination with cultural differences and his love of meeting people have led him on extended journeys through India, Kenya, Nepal, Turkey, and Haiti, which he visited after the recent earthquake. These experiences have convinced him to continue pursuing this career.
As a self-taught photographer, Renaud explores social issues and the incredible impact of mass media through photojournalism. Troubled by the level of inequality between different individuals and societies and disillusioned by traditional media, he believes that the power of photojournalism can contribute to social causes. In 2005 Renaud was involved in the creation of Stigmat Photo, whose mission is to examine issues affecting individuals and society.

Jean Proulx

Jean Proulx is a philosopher and theologian. He was secretary-general of Quebec’s Conseil supérieur de l’éducation. He contributes to various journals, gives lectures, and teaches philosophy in continuing education at Université Laval. He has published a number of works including Artisan de la beauté du monde and La chorégraphie divine, at Éditions du Septentrion, and Le Dieu cosmique and L’Héritage spirituel amérindien, in collaboration with Jacques Languirand, at Éditions Le Jour.

Sylvie Robitaille
A graduate of the American Feng Shui
Institute in Los Angeles, California,
Sylvie Robitaille has practiced interior
design for more than 12 years. She
combines both disciplines to offer unique
expertise. She recommends stylish and
functional layouts that meet her
customers’ needs. Creating spaces
where people feel good is what motivates her. She also gives
talks, writes articles, and presents workshops.

Isabelle St-Germain
Isabelle first got involved with Équiterre in
1998. Since then, she has played an active
role in the organization’s development. Within
Équiterre’s fair trade and responsible
consumption programs, she has launched
and developed campaigns to raise awareness,
overseen the drafting of numerous reference
documents such as the guide to responsible
consumption, jointly organized two international conferences, and
forged numerous partnerships.

Geneviève Samson
Geneviève Samson is a yoga teacher,
massage therapist, and triathlon athlete.
She writes articles about health to inform
and motivate her students.

Andrée Trempe
Andrée is drawn to anything that helps people develop their full potential through the
awareness that all people are one. Her explorations and discoveries inspire her to create, communicate, and share what she has learned. In 2010 she joined the My Inner Space production team as an outside resource.

Pascale Vaillancourt
Pascale is passionate about words, books, emotions, and life. A contemplator of the world, she likes to observe her surroundings to get inspired and find better ways of telling these stories that fascinate her. She is also a lover of nature. For the past two years, she has given free rein to her passion by taking university creative writing courses. As coordinator at BainUltra, she is responsible for its external training programs and My Inner Space magazine.

Arielle Warnke St-Pierre has been a dancer
with Le Fils d’Adrien Dance Company since
she graduated from École de danse de Québec
in 2002. She has worked with well-known
choreographers including Yann Alexandre,
Lydia Wagerer, Daniel Bélanger, and
Benjamin Hatcher. She has also collaborated
with a number of prestigious cultural
organizations such as Ex Machina,
Opéra de Québec, and Les Nuages en Pantalon. She received a
scholarship in 2006 and 2007 to perfect her art at the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio in New York City.